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Who We Are

Food for All is a non-profit organization that focuses on the importance of sustainability, education, nutrition, health, & wellness no matter who you are. We all need food! We're here to share it. 

With a focus on fresh, local, organic produce, we want you to notice the difference in how eating well can make you feel.

Our Impact

FFA was awarded the Get Healthy Utah Partnership award for being most impactful in 2022!

Since our inception, Our Tuesday Farmers Markets have quickly grown to providing fresh produce to over 140 families per week since 2022. 

We aim to not only directly impact, but also educate the lives of families and children, by providing them with healthy food and teaching them healthy habits.

Alongside providing & growing produce, we've also been educating children & their communities about the importance of health and helpful tips on how to achieve it. 

Child Holding Fresh Produce

Our Story

We believe that no one should go hungry, and that it's more than possible if we all come together with a structured system for solving the issue at "the root."


It's important that children understand the importance of healthy eating and sustainability at a young age, and we're here to bridge the gap. 

Studies have shown immeasurable benefits far greater than just healthy bodies when kids and parents eat healthy. They have improved brain function, healthier family relationships, and excel in school or work above their peers. 

This is one of many reasons that FFA has started to make its impact at schools first, to directly affect homes at the core.

Meet the Team

Growers, Gardners, Volunteers, and Good People making a difference :)

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Affiliate Programs

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